Calendar with text "Calendar Update"
Seven different professionals dressed in their professional attire with text "Career Day" in yellow under the 7 people
Image that says potential adult education opportunities
Logo with text "Northwest Indiana Lighthouse Charter Schools" in Blue and Gold with Lighthouse on top and anchor at the bottom
Colored Pencils on left side with Parent/Teacher Conference in red text on right.
Can of Colored pencils on left with a few colorful thumbtacks next to it. No School in light blue text on black background
Spring Break in different colored lettering with a Smiling Sun face
American flag on the side with wooden background with text stating "Happy President's Day!"
Black box with yellow background and a blue check mark with text stating "Intent to Return" in blue on white background
Text stating "Early Dimissal" in white on blue background with green ruler and clock in the corner
Silhouette of Martin Luther King, Jr.  with the text saying "Martin Luther King Day"
Save the Date for the Winter Carnival with dates, times, locations, and addresses
Winter Break text with Snowman image
Gym Floor with an image of a blue, white and gold lion head with white lettering saying Lions
Girl in a bed with a thermometer in her mouth
Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday - Thanksgiving Break
It says national principals month with a  picture of a diverse group of people on it.
Trees with red, orange, and yellow leaves with the sun shining through that says Fall Break
Domino's Pizza Logo with Red Domino and white writing of Dominos's Pizza in Blue background
ASVAB testing with five military branches' seals