"We are a culture that put's our students in positions and environment to spark curiosity to try new things in a space that continues to light the way."

Jessica Beasley, Executive Director  

   Why NWILCS Series April 2023

Our Beginning Story

Northwest Indiana Lighthouse Charter Schools opened its doors to Indiana families in 2005 at our Gary Lighthouse Charter School serving grades K-5. In 2013, we expanded to include three additional campuses: West Gary Lighthouse, Gary Lighthouse, and East Chicago Lighthouse. We’re currently preparing over 1,800 scholars to be the next generation of industry leaders, ground-breaking scientists and even agents of social change.

Who Are We

Northwest Indiana Lighthouse Charter Schools are public charter schools focused on providing educational opportunities to underserved students who deserve access to a high-quality education. Each year, our team of educators, principals, and support staff impact the lives of more than 1800 scholars and families. We offer Indiana families a unique academic curriculum to scholars who face challenges in accessing life-changing opportunities that are possible only through educational equity.

We are committed educators on a mission to prepare scholars for success that extends beyond the classroom. Our approach is rooted in building strong literacy and critical thinking skills, while developing a strong work ethic to ensure that our scholars are prepared for college, career, and life.

Our Why

Our Core Beliefs

Safety and trusting relationships are prerequisites to vibrant learning.

All progress is valuable — and greatness is never too much to expect.

Literacy is the cornerstone of access, opportunity, and choice

Scholars deserve to explore and be celebrated for their unique individuality.

Education is a shared responsibility — school and community should be one and the same.

Every setback, story, and piece of data is an opportunity for learning and refinement.