About Us

Welcome to Gary Lighthouse Charter School-Primary Campus!

Gary Lighthouse Charter School-Primary Campus is a tuition-free, public charter school that has served the Gary community since 2005. In 2013, we combined our three K–12 campuses (West Gary Lighthouse, Gary Lighthouse, and East Chicago Lighthouse). Our Primary Campus serves over 300 learners grades K-3.

Our campus receives public funding from federal and state resources. This funding fuels our ability to continue offering vital programs that support our literacy-driven curriculum and propel our scholars to meet our expectations that:

  • All of our Lighthouse scholars to graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to be college and career ready;

  • Our students to leave us prepared to take on any endeavor they choose and become productive citizens in society;

  • Our scholars to come to school ready to learn with completed homework; and

  • Our scholars to treat everyone with kindness and to appropriately communicate their feelings to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Like all Lighthouse Academies, we share a vision for success that reinforces our belief that the 4Cs -curiosity, critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and creativity-offer a comprehensive approach to learning. Driven by our focus on literacy as the foundation for successful we promise to prioritize clear literacy instruction starting in kindergarten so that by third grade all scholars have both the strong literacy foundation and social-emotional skills to successfully transition to reading to learn. For scholars entering LHA after kindergarten, we guarantee they will meet or exceed grade-level expectations within three years.

How Your Scholar Benefits of Attending GLCS Primary Academy

At the Primary Academy, our young learners enjoy the following benefits:

  • Small class sizes

  • Rigorous ELA and math curricula

  • One-to-one iPads (grades K–2)

  • Technology, STEM, and physical education

  • Opportunities for group work, field trips, and special programs

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on building healthy, strong relationships with each scholar as well as collaborating with families and community organizations to establish positive and productive partnerships through which our scholars reap benefits well beyond high school.

GLCS-Primary Campus’ culture is rooted in fostering:

Our Mission

The mission of Northwest Indiana Lighthouse Charter Schools is to promote educational equity by preparing our scholars for college, career and life in a rigorous and nurturing environment. 

Our Vision

Northwest Indiana Lighthouse Charter Schools  will be known for fostering  curiosity and participation in the community and providing a foundation to address complex real-world issues through collaboration, and innovative student-driven solutions. Northwest Indiana Lighthouse Charter Schools will be focused on the personal, academic, and professional growth of its scholars. Successful pursuit of desired college, career and life goals will be a result of the educational experiences at Northwest Indiana Lighthouse Charter Schools.