Our Approach

East Chicago Lighthouse Charter School offers educational experiences that suit the needs of all students through the use of individual learning plans that set and measure each scholar’s progress towards meeting their academic goals. Customized plans help our scholars achieve grade level and college readiness standards in a manner that increases their confidence as learners. We provide tools and resources that children in grades K-8 need to develop academically and personally, in addition to expanding their opportunities to think creatively and exposing them to a variety of cultural experiences.

Our Expectations

We work to develop greatness in our scholars. Our curriculum allows scholars to practice collaboration, teaches them how to exercise discipline in their academic and personal pursuits, and teaches them the importance of contributing to their community.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Create daily opportunities that allow scholars to authentically engage with each other, their immediate community, and the greater world around them.

  • Leverage school as a social platform that fosters scholarly voice, student interest, active listening, and collaboration—together serving as wheels of inspiration and self-driven learning. In this world, the teacher is not the guru who knows all of the answers; the teacher is a guide and the co-constructor of opportunities for students to become increasingly curious, ask compelling questions, and seek answers themselves.

  • Help students learn how to critically listen, think, evaluate, generate new ideas, and understand their own learning process. Our indicators for success are enhancements in the way(s) that students think (and celebrate their thinking) about complex self-driven questions, and not merely assigning them grades for completing assignments or tasks.

Our Model of Scholarly Habits